Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Contacting us to submit a complaint

Please provide us the details of the complainant, a complaint description and suggestions to resolve it, along with additional relevant details. Make the official complaint in writing to the following:

Money Company

via Email

Waiting for a response

Your official complaint will get acknowledged directly upon its receival. We always do our verY best to solve complaints as quickly as we can. Often time a complaint may take a little longer to completely investigate and when a complaint is very complex, it may require more time to resolve. All complaints are managed as rapidly as possible and we make sure to send a final response within no more than 8 weeks from the time of the complaint submission. If an investigation can’t be completed within the mentioned timeframe, then we will contact you in order to explain the reason of the delay, as well as provide an indication for when a response should be expected. If the complainant is not satisfied with how the complaint is progressing or with the final response, he or she always has the option to refer the complaint towards the Financial Ombudsman official Service (FOS). This service only deals with complaints that have been initially provided to us, so please send your complaint our way first and we’ll do everything in our power to help.

Financial Ombudsman official Service (FOS)

In order for the FOS to assess your official complaint, you have to send them your official complaint within six months of the time we sent our initial response. The contact details of FOS are:

Financial Ombudsman official Service, Exchange Square; London, at E14 9SR.

Phone at 0800 (area code) 023 4 567 and 0300 (area code) – 123 9 123

Email at

Official Website at

The European Online Dispute Resolution Platform

Any complaint can also be submitted for review through the European Online Dispute Resolution platform at: